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The EMMETT Technique is a unique therapy involving the application of light pressure on specific points to affect immediate release in surrounding muscle tissue.

In the equine world, balance and pain-free movement in both horse and rider is essential for all disciplines to reach full potential; be it shaving a second off that barrel run, making it over that jump, performing that manoeuvre or stretching out down the home straight.

Ross Emmett (founder of the EMMETT Technique) has now put together a great team of Instructors who will deliver the EMMETT 4 Horses Course in Australia and Internationally.

Ross recently held a Teacher Training session in Brisbane and is about to embark on Teacher Training in Europe in April 2016. The training concentrates on consistency in the delivery of the training package, ensuring that no matter where in the world that you attend an EMMETT 4 Horses course, the training will be of a uniform nature and a high standard.

Training was constructed in such a way that all styles of learning were covered, to ensure all who attended were given the opportunity to master the technique.

As the weekend progressed it was easy to see why the Instructors had been chosen, each a horse person in their own right, with many strengths to bring to the table and offer students the best possible outcomes.

"It is great to watch changes in each horse's movement and demeanour was amazing. To witness a horse progress from fidgeting and sour to relaxed and performing without anxiety, is music for any horse lovers heart."

While the Instructors are all fully trained EMMETT Practitioners already, having Ross Emmett present and working with them on all the horses reminded them just how amazing the EMMETT system truly is, and resulted in animated discussion.

It was a huge bonus to have Ross Emmett there discussing the techniques and consolidating the training.

The EMMETT 4 Horses course will cater for every horse enthusiasts aspirations. It is up to the individual how far they want to take the knowledge. Whether you are interested in becoming a EMMETT horse practitioner or you wish to learn the technique to assist your own horses and offer them care at home.

Gary Wells was asked to comment on the week-end workshop and his view of the future Gary said, "There were so many highlights for me in this training workshop. Even though I have been an EMMETT Equine Therapist for a number of years; and have performed thousands of equine treatments, I know that Ross Emmett's personal tuition and correction to my technique has made me a better therapist."

"I am confident that all of the instructors in the EMMETT 4 AnimalsAustralia and International team can deliver the highest standard of equine muscle therapy. But more importantly - we are authorised, approved and trained in both equine and human therapy techniques by Ross Emmett. The EMMETT 4 Animals Team is poised to improve the balance, connection and team work of the equine world..."

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EMMETT Therapy is committed to sharing the EMMETT Technique for animals.

Learn how to notice the sometimes-subtle signs of pain or discomfort that many experienced owners, riders and handlers can fail to identify.


Existing complementary therapists, veterinary and chiropractic professionals interested in extending their skills. Horse and dog owners / trainers / handlers and non-therapists who are wanting to learn how to assist their own animals to alleviate pain and discomfort and perform preventative care.


Discover how this gentle and safe muscle release technique can be used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement and restrictions.

Symptoms which may be relieved:

  • Injuries from sport or accidents
  • Unbalanced gait/stance
  • Lead/harness strain
  • Lower back distress
  • Inhibited movement/muscle restrictions
  • Poor performance / behavior changes

The results can be dramatic even for first-time clients. Accurate and fast assessments of imbalances in the body are an integral feature of this technique.

An EMMETT treatment improves recovery from workouts helping competition horses and dogs achieve peak performance, along with addressing lameness, muscle restrictions, saddle soreness, uneven gait and lack of performance.

WHAT ABOUT ME... Yes the EMMETT Technique Horse and Dog courses also includes an impressive selection of beneficial human muscle release moves. These moves can assist the rider and handler. Upon completion of the full module course, you will also gain the qualification of EMM-Tech short Course. This valuable course is incorporated within the Horse and Dog module courses.

The EMM-Tech Short Course was created by Ross Emmett so that non-therapists would have the opportunity to use effective, safe and easy to use moves to help themselves and others including riders & handlers, family and friends.

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